The Firewall Project

Firewall Security Scans

Currently there are .tif versions available. If you have any difficulty opening them, or seeing all of the pages (5 pages each for Pre... 3 pages each on Post...) you can download a viewer from JFAX.com here.

The Pathetic results BEFORE the new Firewall:

The Superb results AFTER the new Firewall:

Of interest to note, in the Pre-Firewall state I was actually running a personal firewall program on my Win98 machine along with BlackICE Defender. They did not prevent the entire world from gaining access to every shared resource on my network! We are talking 40 GB of Disk Drives, printers, and the works!

After implementing the new Firewall, everything seems quite secure. If anyone (reputable) would like to volunteer to do a thourough scan of my network contact me and let me know. I'll be happy to post the scan here assuming everything checks out. If there are problems I'll work with the guys at Dubbele.com to plug them and then post the Pre and Post results once we find a resolution.

At a later date I'll also convert them to Adobe .pdf and post them here.

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