The Firewall Project

Phase 4: The Firewall Install

With the exception of a few issues noted later on, the installation was a breeze. Just to walk you through it graphically, so you know what to expect should you attempt this install, I took digital pictures of many of the key steps along the way. I appologize if some of them are a bit blurry, but I'm no photographer and trying to hold the camera still when you aren't using a flash can be difficult.

First of all, you need to hook a Cat 5 cable from your Cable (DSL/T1) Modem/Router to one of the Ethernet cards and make note of the MAC address of that card. The other Ethernet card should be plugged into your Hub/Switch. REMEMBER, when you are hooking two machines directly together from NIC to NIC without using a hub you must use a Crossover Cable. This is a special cable that has one of the wires switched from a standard Ethernet cable. So, don't get this one mixed up with the others! You probably already had it going from your Cable Modem into your PC. Remove one end of it from the PC and plug it into the firewall.

Initially we start the software installation out by creating a boot disk on a 3.5" floppy. This is very simple. You download the "Disk Image", which is a mirror copy - sector by sector- of an original, and install it onto a floppy disk. Follow the instructions at http://www.dubbele.com/getting_software_ready.html. Please note that you cannot simply copy the Disk Image onto the disk. You MUST follow the instructions to create the disk.

After creating the floppy disk, you have done 1/2 of the work you are going to have to do! Now, simply place it in the disk drive of the new Firewall machine, while it is turned off, and turn it on. As the computer boots up it will read the Operating System off of the floppy disk and begin booting into a NetBSD interface. It will look like this (click to enlarge any of these pics):

Full sized image is 83kb.

Initial Boot Screen

The first thing that appears is a Boot Menu. Choose either the Fixed or Dynamic IP address option. This installation used a Fixed IP address. If anyone else trys this with a Dynamic IP address and wishes to notate the process I will be happy to post that information here with full credit given.

Full sized image is 83 kb.

Boot Menu Screen

After choosing a Fixed or Dynamic IP system, the Install is getting closer to formatting the hard drive and beginning installation of the Operating System. WARNING: This is when you wish you had followed my earlier advice to make sure that got everything you wanted off this machine. Choose the menu option to continue and set up the hard drive.

Full sized image is 54 kb.

Erase Disk Confirmation

Next the Disk Select menu will appear. You may either use the automatic settings that were detected, or you may input your Hard Drives physical characteristics by hand.

Full sized image is 45 kb.

Disk Select Menu

After setting the physical characteristics of the drive, partitions to be created are displayed. This is honestly the last chance to get anything you need off the drive. You can still cancel the install and walk away at this point.

Full sized image is 58 kb.

Partition Menu

Let er Rip! Tell it to go ahead and create the Firewall.

Full sized image is 48 kb.

Last Chance Menu

The old drive data is now gone and the new Partitions are in place.

Full sized image is 62 kb.

Format Complete

The next step requires you to answer questions about the Internet Service Provider that were gathered previously. Simply plug in the data...

Full sized image is 66 kb.

Enter ISP Info

And Confirm.

Full sized image is 60 kb.

Confirm ISP Info

OK folks. At this point, hopefully you will be proceeding to the next step: Downloading the full installation. But in case you encounter an issue there are a few things for you to double check:

At this point, hopefully the machine has gone online and begun downloading the Operating System. If you see this, you are basically home free! Go get a beer or a coke and wait for it to finish.

Full sized image is 59 kb.


Once the installation has finished downloading (about 14 MB) it has to unpack the archive. Once this has completed, the installer asks for input to continue. I am not really sure why, but I presume that if there were any errors it would need to go back online to attempt a fresh download or something... Anyway, tell it OK.

Full sized image is 106 kb.


Next, the unpacked archive has to be compiled into an actual OS. This took about 30 minutes on my very slow old 486. Presumably on a Pentium class machine this could happen in a couple of minutes.

Full sized image is 50 kb.


Now you are Done! Remove the floppy from your 3.5" Drive.

Full sized image is 64 kb.


Simply instruct the Firewall to reboot, and then log in for the first time following these instructions: http://www.dubbele.com/cheking_works.html.

Full sized image is 64 kb.


After all of that stress, you can sit back and stare out my window at the backyard...

Full sized image is 212 kb.

My Back Yard.

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