The Firewall Project

Phase 3: Preparing for Install

In order to be prepared for the installation:

  1. I first downloaded and created the NetBSD Firewall install Boot disk.
  2. I made sure there was nothing on the old PS/1 that I wanted to keep since the hard drive was going to be wiped clean.
  3. Next, I opened the case on the PS/1 and removed ALL peripherals (CD ROM, Sound Card, Modem).
  4. I installed two Network Interface Cards in the machine
  5. I made note of the MAC Addresses of each NIC card. If you cannot do this prior to install you will have to use trial and error during install.
  6. I installed an additional 8 MB of RAM, since it previously only had 4 MB.
  7. I made note of the physical Characteristics of the Hard Drive (Cylinders/Heads/Sectors).
  8. I went to the Shields UP! web site and ran a scan on my network with my current security. It was pathetic...
  9. I gathered the following information about my Internet Service Provider and wrote it down:

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