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Issues: Issues and Afterthoughts

The After Thoughts

There were a few issues encountered which made this particular installation tricky. Anyone who is going to install a foreign operating system, especially on hardware that they are uncertain about, is likely to encounter unusual circumstances. For this reason, I recommend that anyone who wishes to duplicate this installation take all appropriate precautions to have backup plans in place.

Philosophically speaking, this was basically a game for me. I am a very experienced systems administrator who has literally built somewhere on the order of 1000+ PCs from scratch. Remember that in life we pay for everything. If you are reading this because you want a FREE firewall, and you intend to use the cheapest hardware you can find, I hope you are very experienced. Because cutting costs by purchasing cheap NIC cards, using old hardware, etc. will likely cost you time and frustration.

The Issues

Other Random Issues

I have an unusual performance issue going on now. Previously I was using one of my machines as a proxy/firewall and all of my machines performed pretty good. After redoing the LAN to send all traffic through the firewall, I was experiencing very poor performance from both of my Windows machines.

I finally went to speedguide.net and downloaded some scripts to change my registry settings to optimize performance for the @Home network. Now, on my Win2000 machine, it is faster than it has ever been in the past. However, nothing I can do to my Win98 machine will speed it up.

I have changed settings out the wazoo, and even blanked the hard drive and reloaded everything. Still, it bogs down even checking e-mail! Of course, when I transfer files within the LAN it performs fine, so I have ruled out the NIC, cable, and port on the hub. This probably doesn't have to do with the Firewall, but I am not sure...

The latest development is that I installed a Proxy Server on my Win2k machine and route all of the Win98 machine requests through it. Now the Win98 machine hauls ass... but really it is the Win2k machine doing it. I have spent HOURS changing registry settings and experimenting with the Win98 machine to no avail.

I kind of suspect that the Firewall has some settings that are not matching what are going on either with my LAN or @Home. If anyone knows how to change MTU, TTL, RWIN and other performance settings for Unix, Please let me know how!

During the Firewall software installation the box was getting roughly 600 Kbps to the install server. I have since managed to get 3.4Mbps from the Win2k machine going through the firewall to supernews.com

3.4Mb Throughput Pic

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