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ABS Spring Hammer-in 2005 in Review

The Spring Hammer-in was my first, and it was an excellent opportunity to socialize with Bladesmiths from all over the country while also participating in demonstrations on a wide range of topic from a slew of Mastersmiths. I'm not kidding... there were at least 15-20 Mastersmiths at this event, and every one of that I had the opportunity to spend time with was extremely generous with their knowledge.

I managed to watch several forging demonstrations; however, since I'm currently using nearly 1 GB (yes gigabyte... all those videos add up quick) on my web server for the Bladesmithing section I'm going to refer interested parties to the Intro to Bladesmithing pages to see substantively similar forging processes and only post videos of stuff I don't already have.

I was also fortunate enough to spend quite a bit of time over the two days working with / learning from MS Chris Marks. I was originally attracted to the topic of his demonstration, "Pattern Welded Damascus", something which I'd seen pictures of but never actually seen in real life. Having the opportunity to watch one of the world's greatest experts actually complete this process from start to finish was absolutely enlightening. Chris spent hours educating a group of bladesmiths on the exact processes he uses to make the most beautiful steel I've ever seen in my life.

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